In order to take on the most challenging issues facing our world we must create the place and space for divergent thinkers to come together. The issues we face are too complex to be solved by one profession and cross social and economic lines. Therefore, the solutions, and the places where those solutions are crafted, must be open, inclusive and capable of convening a variety of inputs. Research Parks, Areas of Innovation, Techno Valleys, and Innovation Districts must serve as the global destinations for the development of convergent solutions.

Founded by Mason AilstockConvergent Consultants was created to provide action oriented advisory leadership for those invested in the future through innovative real estate and community development strategies.

As a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), Convergent Consultants is committed to a purpose beyond profit. Our Vision is clear:

  • We are committed to equipping communities, universities, and companies around the world with the physical and intellectual resources to move positive lasting change forward, increase global prosperity and economic growth.
  • We believe in creating places, communities, and relationships that inspire people to dream and take action to improve our shared future.
  • We focus on the convergence of industries, ideas, and design to establish shared objects that can be moved forward.


To further advance society through transparent convergent initiatives driven by economics and place based design. Creating ways to bring together diverse minds to one place. Digitally, personally, globally… cross cultures, geography, perspective, education, and skills.

Value to Clients

  • As a firm, we engage in the issues and become a part of your team. We remain flexible and able to adapt to your environment forming a team that is responsive providing solutions that move you forward.
  • Advisory, negotiations, strategy development, and operations planning for the acquisition, development, and sales of public and private real estate transactions focused on economic development, research parks and innovation districts, and private sector expansions.

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We believe…

  1. The places we create must be thought of as more than just physical locations. They are the convening points for social transactions between individuals. Places that inspire thought, engagement, and creativity can change the world.
  2. We face challenges that are far too complex for one perspective or approach to address. Our shared future requires shared solutions that involve a variety of people and ideas.
  3. We must create more places that are driven by inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity. These are the places that change the world, remove barriers and move society forward.

We address these beliefs in all that we do through the creation of CONVERGENT, CONNECTED, COMMUNITIES…


The bringing together of diverse ideas and people into one place through education, technology, and relationships.

  • Focused on the humanities. The writing, the storytelling and the narrative that inspires people to be more, serve others and reach for a greater future.
  • Focused on science. The ideas and inspirations, new data and policies, analysis and the distribution of knowledge for the betterment of economies and societies globally.
  • Focused on technology. Of new ways to communicate, new inventions, to share knowledge, to make new discoveries across disciplines, geography and societies.


Intentional networking of minds and organizations through technology and personal relationships globally.

  • Personally through one-on-one relationships that are developed over time and through trust. Individual understanding and appreciation and the ability to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas.
  • Digitally spanning the globe and compensating for physical distance in geography. Using video, audio and new age media content to share experiences ideas and information.
  • Globally to ignore boundaries. Connecting the world, countries, and societies with the sole purpose of distributing knowledge for all to benefit.


Created by and for people sharing respect, ideas, and hope for a brighter shared future together.

  • A place of hope. Hope for the future and for each other. Hope for our leaders and our people. A place that inspires others to see a brighter future that can only be achieved through partnership, appreciation, respect and new ideas.
  • A place of generosity. A place that believes in the giving and sharing of resources, time, and ideas. A generosity of spirit that must be woven throughout all aspects of the community. Of intentionally seeking others in need and finding ways to lift them up and find solutions.
  • A place of diversity that welcomes people of all societies, geographies, and experiences. A mixing of cultures, relationships, ideas, and perspectives. Creating thoughtful and broad inclusive solutions that generate lasting positive impacts that can scale to the context.

And we find success by leveraging the PEOPLE, PLACES, and PROGRAMS in our networks…


Places should be experienced, memorable and available to all. They should capture the imagination and encourage interaction. Within projects we have created many diverse places to explore, places to convene, to entertain, to learn and dream, to share and reflect, to live and create.


Programs are the activating ingredient of successful areas of innovation. They are the catalyst that drives interaction. The intentional mixing of researchers, students and entrepreneurs. Organic or structured, STEAM education or higher education, beer and T-shirts or lab coats and laptops, practitioner based or for the general public… it is the diversity of programming, guided from within the community that keeps a place constantly evolving and responding to the changing world.


And last, but most important, people. Without the people, the individuals, we have no community, stories to share or inspiration. Areas of innovation are about and for the people, communities, and societies that sustain the present and create the future… It is the person within the company behind the computer, at the lab bench or taking a stroll through the park who has that initial spark of inspiration that changes the world. The people are the heart of why we do what we do everyday.