Sweden : Maktub

The first half of my Eisenhower Fellowship spent in Sweden was more meaningful than I could have imagined. The places visited, miles traveled and wonderful conversations with new friends will always be cherished like the warmth of a beautiful mid-summer day.

Sweden is a country highly representative of my interests in the ideas of open innovation and convergence. One of the most enjoyable parts of my fellowship was creating video blogs while traveling in order to capture and share the experiences along my journey such as the Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) with Magnus Lundin, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Swedish Parliament with Mathias Sundin, Stockholm Science City, Lund University, Lindholmen Science Park, IBM Sweden, and my northern most point visiting Umea University Arts Campus, SLU and Uminova.

There were also stories of serendipity where I could share the unplanned experiences that left me inspired, encouraged, and speechless: Ma Hu MumknIMPACT, Sweden Gender Equality & Dads, Design w/o Boundaries, and BrixelGarden.

This final Sweden video is an overview of the ideas, people, and places that I took away from my travels and hope to build on going forward.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! Now it is off to Saudi Arabia where I will continue my exploration of place creation and the convergence of science, tech, the humanities, and society with new friends like 2016 Eisenhower Fellow Mohammed Abaalkheil (Be the Change You Want To See In The World)!

Eisenhower Sweden Recap from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo.