Sweden: Gender Equality & Dads

Sweden: Gender Equality & Dads from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo.

Stockholm is truly a beautiful city both inside and out! One of the many things that I have read about while preparing for my Eisenhower Fellowship has been Sweden’s focus on gender equality.

I found this particular exciting as a dad! As a proud father of two, I love beyond measure my beautiful family.


The dads here are amazing and you see them everywhere with their kids. They are out all around the city and often times one-on-one playing in the parks, going for walks laughing and enjoying life together with their children. This is a beautiful thing and something that I feel we can always work to do better as fathers. It’s part cultural in this busy work life that all of us are a part of, but it is also in large part the perception of our responsibilities in the context of the rest of the world. Gender equality in Sweden is not just something that is written about in the media and studied. It is a daily activity that is lived out through the culture and society. It is respected and held as highly valuable.

So dads, remember that gender equality is not limited to just the ladies… In addition to empowering and lifting up our wonderfully brilliant women and advocating on their behalf for equality, we have a tremendous amount to benefit from these efforts as well! One of them is the wonderful responsibility and privilege to raise our next generation!

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