Convergent Place Creation

As I distill the notes, drawings, videos and takeaways from my time traveling as an Eisenhower Fellow to Sweden I find ideas and areas of clarity around the formation and leveraging of PLACE to create CONVERGENT communities that will impact our collective future…. locally and globally.

Guiding Beliefs of Convergent Place Creation

  • The places we create must be thought of as more than just physical locations. They are the convening points for social transactions between individuals. Places that inspire thought, engagement, and creativity can change the world.
  • We face challenges that are far too complex for one perspective or approach to address. Our shared future requires shared solutions that involve a variety of people and ideas.
  • We must create more places that are driven by inclusively, accessibility and diversity. These are the places that change the world, remove barriers and move society forward.Integration_Research_Park_University_900_RTP_Mason_Ailstock.jpg