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Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. Created in 2000, Lindholmen Science Park, is a privately held company owned by the regional government and 15 property owners. Lindholmen was created to help redevelop and reimagine a port area of Gothenburg City that was struggling to move beyond the shipping industry and into […]

Mason Ailstock

Lund Sweden: An Area of Innovation

Lund Sweden: An Area of Innovation from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. The City of Lund is picturesque and captures everything wonderful about a historic university town in a European setting. The city has many wonderful examples of how art and culture collide with society and academia throughout its beautifully cobbled streets, open plazas and green parks. […]

Mason Ailstock

Stockholm Science City

Stockholm Science City from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo.   The Stockholm Science City Foundation is an outstanding organization with a mission very much in alignment with ours at Research Triangle Park. I had the privilege of spending the morning with the Chief Executive, Ylva Williams, to learn more about their organization and efforts to […]

Mason Ailstock

Uppsala Science Park & Innovation Centre

Uppsala Science Park from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. This week I met with the Uppsala Science Park, Uppsala University, Uppsala Innovation Centre AB, and Uppsala Holdings… It was a great conversation and they were all wonderful hosts! Uppsala University Innovation Office works directly with researchers inside the institution to connect them with business leaders […]

Mason Ailstock

Swedish Parliament – Mathias Sundin

The location of the Swedish Parliament is meaningful and communicates an interesting narrative about the separation and connection between the government, parliament, and the royal palace. Mathias Sundin hosted me at the Swedish Parliament and shared the story… Swedish Parliament – Mathias Sundin from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. The Swedish System of Governement

Mason Ailstock

Experience the spirit of a place… One step at a time. 

My favorite way to experience new places, understand how they work and how people use them is by foot. I’ve always found that walking has connected me to the history and culture of the place as well as the people that inhabit it every day… while I am just a visitor. Walking causes you to […]

Mason Ailstock

Embracing Openness in the Heart of Research Triangle Park

Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is the largest research park in North America. Often cited as one of the first examples of a successful public-private partnership, RTP leaders have been actively working to move the Park away from the gated campuses and spread out buildings that are symbolic of suburbia, for a shift towards […]

Mason Ailstock

RTP: Catalysts for Innovation

An Initiative of the Research Triangle Park, Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science at NC State, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Triangle Universities Center for Advanced Studies Background: The Research Triangle Park is committed to working in partnership with the Triangle Universities to identify, develop and implement meaningful activities that will […]

Mason Ailstock
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