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Sweden : Maktub

The first half of my Eisenhower Fellowship spent in Sweden was more meaningful than I could have imagined. The places visited, miles traveled and wonderful conversations with new friends will always be cherished like the warmth of a beautiful mid-summer day. Sweden is a country highly representative of my interests in the ideas of open […]

Mason Ailstock

Sweden: Spaces that Inspire

During my time in Sweden for my Eisenhower Fellowship, I experienced many wonderful and inspiring spaces and places that have fed my imagination and creative intentions to develop new areas of innovation. For me, spaces can serve as the visual manifestation of a feeling… calm, thoughtful, erratic, conflicted, peaceful, energetic, powerful, open… These are a […]

Mason Ailstock

Convergent Place Creation

As I distill the notes, drawings, videos and takeaways from my time traveling as an Eisenhower Fellow to Sweden I find ideas and areas of clarity around the formation and leveraging of PLACE to create CONVERGENT communities that will impact our collective future…. locally and globally. Guiding Beliefs of Convergent Place Creation The places we […]

Mason Ailstock

Umea Sweden – Umea University, SLU & Uminova Science Park

Umea University, SLU & Uminova from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. The last few days of my time in Sweden were spent in Umea, the northern most point ever for me personally (just 189 miles from the Arctic Circle). From Umea the northern lights can be seen throughout the year if the night sky […]

Mason Ailstock

Brixelgarden Sculpture Park

Brixelgarden Sculpture Park from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. During my time in Västerås Sweden I had the amazing opportunity to tour Brixelgarden Sculpture Park, home of the famous sculptor Richard Brixel, along with the Vasteras Science Park CEO, Caroline Drabe, and Arboga Head of Economic Development, Göran Dahlén. Brixel’s work is thought-provoking, provocative, and beautiful. The […]

Mason Ailstock
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