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Impact. from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo.   Every once in a while you come across a piece of art that stops you in your tracks.Walking around Gothenburg Sweden I came across this sculpture of a revolver tied in a knot. It is motionless, silent and has no words, but it doesn’t really need […]

Mason Ailstock

Uppsala Science Park & Innovation Centre

Uppsala Science Park from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. This week I met with the Uppsala Science Park, Uppsala University, Uppsala Innovation Centre AB, and Uppsala Holdings… It was a great conversation and they were all wonderful hosts! Uppsala University Innovation Office works directly with researchers inside the institution to connect them with business leaders […]

Mason Ailstock

Sweden: Gender Equality & Dads

Sweden: Gender Equality & Dads from The Research Triangle Park on Vimeo. Stockholm is truly a beautiful city both inside and out! One of the many things that I have read about while preparing for my Eisenhower Fellowship has been Sweden’s focus on gender equality. I found this particular exciting as a dad! As a proud […]

Mason Ailstock

Experience the spirit of a place… One step at a time. 

My favorite way to experience new places, understand how they work and how people use them is by foot. I’ve always found that walking has connected me to the history and culture of the place as well as the people that inhabit it every day… while I am just a visitor. Walking causes you to […]

Mason Ailstock

The Journey Begins: 2016 Eisenhower Fellowship

Join me as I travel to Sweden and Saudi Arabia in search of creative approaches to solve some of the worlds most significant challenges. Through my Eisenhower Fellowship experience I will be exploring multi-disciplinary research parks as destinations for innovation driven by place-based design and the convergence of science, technology, arts, and the humanities. I […]

Mason Ailstock

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

We can all think back to specific times in our lives when something changed. A change in our perspective, how we see the world and our future in it. At our recent Eisenhower Fellowships Orientation in Philadelphia I had the privilege to spend time with the 22 International Fellows and 10 USA Fellows. Each of these […]

Mason Ailstock

Embracing Openness in the Heart of Research Triangle Park

Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is the largest research park in North America. Often cited as one of the first examples of a successful public-private partnership, RTP leaders have been actively working to move the Park away from the gated campuses and spread out buildings that are symbolic of suburbia, for a shift towards […]

Mason Ailstock

Start-up & Corporate Relationships: Going beyond the perceptions

As the Chief Operating Officer for Research Triangle Park I have the privileged opportunity to engage with both the vibrant and creative entrepreneurial community of the Triangle as well as the large corporations located in RTP. For me, some days it is suit, tie and marble toped conference rooms.  Other days are T-shirt, jeans and […]

Mason Ailstock

Research Park Venn Diagram

Research Park Venn Diagram After searching for new ways to express my approach to operations and how I envisioned the interactions between business development, marketing, communications, real estate and programming at the Research Triangle Park I stumbled upon this beautiful yet simple image. I found it inspiring because it conveys what I believe to be […]

Mason Ailstock
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