خدمة الآخرين  | tjäna andra | serve others

I am fascinated by the idea of creating places that change the world by the way they inspire the person experiencing them.

As Chief Operating Officer for The Research Triangle Park, a 2016 Eisenhower Fellow and a proud father/husband, I will be sharing ideas, images and experiences from my personal and professional life.

Please share your thoughts and connect with me.

Mason Ailstock


As Chief Operating Officer of The Research Triangle Foundation, Mason leads the strategic positioning of RTP through strong industry, university, and governmental relationships. He is responsible for the preparation and execution of physical development plans for RTP and oversees the communications strategy and business development activities for the Research Triangle Foundation. Mason’s combination of experience in the areas of planning, architecture, university relations, private industry and real estate allow him to analyze problems with a well-rounded perspective and lead the creation of new strategies that are carrying RTP forward.
Passionate about place-based design and service to others, Mason has been leading the development of university research parks for over 11 years. Mason believes university research parks are extraordinary places where ideas should flow freely, where relationships and cross-disciplinary interactions are a matter of survival and where people from every corner of the world can freely gather together to pursue their dreams.

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